July 4, 2017

Proceeds from sales of artist editions directly fund ​artist fees, ​programming​, production costs, and future projects at JOAN. We appreciate your support!

Inquiries please contact us@joanlosangeles.org



Lazaros Potion, 2017
Glass and mixed media
6.5 x 11.5 inches (16.6 x 29 cm)
Edition of 12 unique custom works

Lazaros’ potions act as spells: good luck, warding off fear, increase of love, cosmic consciousness, or clarity. The materials within each vessel have specific properties for the realization of their purpose. As part of this edition for JOAN, each potion will be uniquely customized with different contents according to your desired outcome.





Max Maslansky
Four Women, 2017
8-color silkscreen on Crane Fluorescent #110
with unique hand-applied details and splatter resist
20.25 x 15.75 inches (51.4 x 40 cm)
Edition of 20

Max Maslansky’s paintings investigate pornography’s moral ambiguity in relation to the depiction of women, men, and desire, while also mining painting’s history of figuration, pattern, gesture, and in particular, the stain. For JOAN, Maslansky produced his first screenprint with additional hand-applied details.




Fay Ray
Infinity Pearl, 2017
Handmade sterling silver brooch
3 x 1.5  inches (7.6 x 3.8 cm)
Edition of 5


Fay Ray
JOAN, 2017
Handmade sterling silver earrings
8 x 2.5  inches (20.3 x 6.3 cm)
Edition of 5

Fay Ray explores the fetishization of objects and the construction of female identity through high-contrast, monochrome photomontages and metallic sculpture. In her three-dimensional works, Ray compiles cast aluminum objects, bored volcanic rocks, wire, chain, and natural materials into suspended sculptural masses. For JOAN, Ray has produced two pieces of hand-crafted sterling silver jewelry with shapes that draw from her sculptural practice.