Isaac Resnikoff: Instant Ocean/WINE



JOAN presents Isaac Resnikoff: Instant Ocean/WINE, a show with three parts.

Instant Ocean:
330lbs “Instant Ocean” brand sea salt mix
.5ml Dimethyl Sulfide
1,100 gallons water
20 reconditioned
55 gallon plastic drums

7.5 gallons distilled water
8 bottles Everclear
1200ml Food Grade Vegetable Glycerine
317ml Artificial Red Wine Flavor
58ml Artificial Cabernet Flavor
168g Tannic Acid
72g Potassium Chloride
58g Malic Acid
192ml Lactic Acid
48g Sugar
144ml Red Dye
2g Clouding Agent
48 “Antique Green” Wine Bottles
200 wine glasses
3 caterers

And a stock photograph.


Representation and Parts
“Both these pieces (Instant Ocean & WINE) are essentially representational sculptures. One pretends to be wine, the other pretends to be the ocean.  Both are about as close as I can come to the real thing. 

WINE, for example, is 12% alcohol. It has “legs.” It dries out your cheeks. At some taxonomic level it is wine. But it doesn’t come from grapes. It has no terroir. Poetically one could say that it is wine without a “soul,” and I think you could say the same thing about “Instant Ocean,” which – squinting – describes the ocean as just a large quantity of seawater. 

But the show still aspires to a certain kind of sublime. You enter the “ocean.” It surrounds you and you dissolve into it. At the same time you take “WINE” into yourself and it dissolves in to you. The show is a solution, the sum of it’s parts, included among which is the viewer.”   – Isaac Resnikoff 

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