Performance: Hana van der Kolk, Entangled Kinesthetics

November 28, 2016

Hana van der Kolk

Hana van der Kolk performs Entangled Kinesthetics alongside Rachelle Rojany’s exhibition, Show Joan. Van der Kolk will engage in an all-day series of collaborative, improvised dance performances with past collaborators. Inspired by her and Rojany’s shared interest in empathy and the physical or emotional space between people, Van der Kolk and her collaborators draw from their past works as well as their shared histories and vocabulary to consider how we might mourn and keep moving, together.

In Van der Kolk’s words, “In this moment of abrasive reckoning with the presence of divide, alienation, fear, and bigotry in our country and around the globe, how might our bodies, our dances, the spaces between us, light up with calm, urgent, celebratory, collaborative resistance, and action?”.

11:30am-12:30pm : Alexx Shilling
12:40-1:30pm : Carolina San Juan
2:00-2:50pm : Jane Pickett
3:00-3:50pm : Mark Allen
4:00-4:50pm : Taisha Paggett
5:00-5:50pm : Gregory Barnett
6:00-6:50pm : d. Sabela grimes
7:00-7:50pm : Megan May Daalder
8:00-8:50pm : Emily Mast


Hana van der Kolk makes dance-centric performances, events, videos,and writing that investigate consciousness, community, collaboration, and how thought shapes moving, how moving shapes thought, and how being thoughtful movers might positively destabilize our notions of gender, sexuality, work, nature, and politics. Based in Los Angeles from 2005-10, working between Amsterdam, rural Tennessee and Western Massachusetts from 2010-15, Hana now lives in Troy, NY, co-facilitating communityLAB, co-organizing Polly, a quarterly queer dance party/fundraiser, and maintaining a private practice in psycho-sexual exploration and healing. Van der Kolk has performed and taught internationally, collaborates with many artists and humans, and holds an MFA in Dance from UCLA.

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