Servane Mary and Aura Rosenberg: The Pop-Up Postcard Project

April 29 – June 12, 2016

In conjunction with the exhibition of Aura Rosenberg’s Head Shots (1991-1996), Servane Mary and Aura Rosenberg have organized a pop-up postcard project. The two artists have invited a number of guests to submit images for postcards that will be sold at $2 each to support JOAN’s exhibition space. The postcards will be available at JOAN.

Participating artists:

Michel Auder / Sara Gernsbacher / Todd Gray / Adam Harrison / JPW3 / Tuomas Korpijaakko / Agnes Lux / Christiane Lyons / Adam Marnie / Fabian Marti / Servane Mary / John Miller / Bob Nickas / Anna Ostoya / Virginia Overton / Aura Rosenberg / Davina Semo / Karin Schneider / Frances Scholz / Mike Smith / Cody Trepte / Benjamin Weissman / Christopher Williams / Jocko Weyland / Bruce Yonemoto

JOAN would like to thank Shoot The Lobster, New York/Los Angeles for generously supporting the pop-up postcard project.

Aura Rosenberg: Head Shots (1991-1996) is organized by JOAN and Adam Marnie.

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