Vitrine: Tatiana Kronberg, All Night Long


JOAN presents All Night Long, a site-specific installation of photography by Tatiana Kronberg made in collaboration with dancer Karina Precious Revlon and inspired by Man Ray’s documentation of the Ballets Russes’s 1926 production of Romeo et Juliette. Set to the tune of singer Cathy Dennis’s cover of Touch Me (All Night Long),” 1990, Karina performed a mix of ballet, vogue, and pole dance in front of a 20-foot roll of photo-sensitive paper as Kronberg quickly and methodically unspooled the roll, exposing the paper to a strobing light. The resulting photogram captures the dancer’s silhouette as a blur of disjointed limbs. At JOAN, the work is stretched across three dance poles like a filmstrip winding through an over-sized projector.  


Tatiana Kronberg, All Night Long Install